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Bear CMS is a service like no other. Create a new website on our cloud or on your server and manage it with the CMS tools we provide. They are quite nice.

Getting started

Create an account and create your first Bear CMS-powered website. Select whether we host it for you, or you host it yourself.

Manage your website

Get familiar with the CMS interface in the following articles. You can manage your website's content on your smartphone too. Just enter /admin after your domain name ( for example) and sign in to the CMS.

Plans and upgrades

When creating your hosted website you must select a plan. Compare the options and see the pricing details.


Your website needs a domain. Learn how to get one and connect it with your website.

Your Bear CMS account

Bear CMS is software as a service. A account is needed for creating new websites powered by our CMS.

Self-hosted websites

Yep, you can self-host your website and still take advantage of the cloud services we offer.