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There is a better way to build self-hosted websites for yourself and your clients!

Bear CMS is a content management system as a service that seamlessly integrates with your website!

✔ You own your data. It's stored on your servers.
✔ You host the website. More freedom and customizations.
✔ No installation, updates, and support. The CMS is in the cloud.

Learn more about the concepts and technology.

Take a look

Your websites and our management tools integrate seamlessly.
Add and modify texts, images, etc. while browsing.
Only two buttons to manage your website content (pages, appearance, blog posts, etc.)
Bear CMS - Self-hosted, cloud-powered websites
Edit text, images, videos, etc. right into your website.
Got 5 minutes for a demo?
We can take you to a personal demo website in 3 clicks (literally).

Why choose Bear CMS?

Simple and easy to use tools
Bear CMS works on small and large screens, at home and on the go. Multiple administrators can create pages, modify texts, upload images and publish blog posts. Theme changes and customizations are available too.
Developers friendly
A big benefit of self-hosted websites is the ability to apply fine customizations and add unique features. A developer can easily make a feature that can Wow the visitors. The Bear CMS API is here to help.
Security and privacy to a whole new level
Decoupling the CMS from the website and hosting it in the cloud drastically minimizes the attack surface. The requirements for the website's software are lower. Fewer (and better tested) updates are required to keep it running smoothly.

Simple pricing

We believe great tools must not stay on the shelves. That's why we offer an edition of our CMS for free!

Bear CMS Basic

for beautiful personal websites
• Unlimited pages
• Unlimited elements (text, video, images, etc.)
• Unlimited blog posts
• Basic themes collection
• Addons
• One administrator
• Monitoring
• Software updates
• 24/7 support

Bear CMS Pro

for businesses and professionals
$5.00 per month per website
• Unlimited pages
• Unlimited elements (text, video, images, etc.)
• Unlimited blog posts
Premium themes
Premium addons (no additional cost)
Multilanguage support
Up to 100 administrators
Priority software updates
Priority 24/7 support
White label support
The price is in USD. VAT excluded. Learn more.

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