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There is a better way to build self-hosted websites for you and your clients!

We think you'll appreciate a CMS for your website that you don't have to install, update or support, and works on small and large screens.


An innovative approach!

We know you want full ownership over your data and presentation.
That's why we think you'll love a CMS that works in the cloud and seamlessly integrates with your website when a modification is needed.
Bear CMS - Self-hosted, cloud-powered websites
Visitors and administratorsYour serverBear CMS Cloud
• All website data is stored on your servers!
• The CMS tools are hosted in the cloud!
• Your visitors connect to your servers and your servers render the pages requested.
• The website administrators connect to your servers when they need to make modifications and only then your servers seamlessly connect to the Bear CMS cloud to get the management tools needed.
Learn more about the concepts and technology.

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Your websites and our management tools integrate seamlessly.
Add and modify text, images, etc. while browsing.
Only two buttons to manage your website content (pages, appearance, blog posts, etc.)
Bear CMS - Self-hosted, cloud-powered websites
Edit text, images, videos, etc. right into your website.

Simple pricing

We believe great tools must not stay on the shelves. That's why we offer an edition of our CMS for free!

Bear CMS Basic

for beautiful personal websites
• Unlimited pages
• Unlimited elements (text, video, images, etc.)
• Unlimited blog posts
• Basic themes collection
• One administrator
• Monitoring
• Software updates
• 24/7 support

Bear CMS Pro

for businesses and professionals
$5.00 per month per website
• Unlimited pages
• Unlimited elements (text, video, images, etc.)
• Unlimited blog posts
Rich themes collection (soon)
Up to 100 administrators
Priority monitoring
Priority software updates
Priority 24/7 support
White label support
The price is in USD and does not include VAT.

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