Already own a domain

You can use a domain you already own for your hosted Bear CMS site, even if it was not purchased from us. Here's what you need to do:
1. Visit your home page.
2. Press the "Add domain" button in the "Domains" section.
3. Fill in his name.
4. Choose one of the validation methods to confirm that you really own the domain.

After you successfully validate it, it will be added to your Bear CMS account and you will be able to connect it to a hosted website of your choice.

Point the domain to our servers

After adding your domain to your Bear CMS account, you must do one of the following steps to point it to the Bear CMS servers:
- Change your domain's DNS servers to and
- Create a CNAME record with value
- Create an A record with the value (the IP address of Bear CMS)
Contact us if you need help.

Free DNS service

We provide free DNS service if you point your domain to our DNS servers and use your domain for Bear CMS sites.

Domain transfer

Now that your site is in Bear CMS, you can also consider transferring domain management to Bear CMS. This is called a “transfer” and a transfer changes the company that you pay to renew the domain and that provides you with the tools to manage it. This can make it easier for you when it comes time to renew the services related to the functioning of your site (domain, hosting, etc.).

It is important to note that there is one main company that takes care of all domains of a type (.com, .net, .eu, etc.). A transfer changes the company that partners with this main company and that will help you in the future with domain renewal and management. Big part of money you pay to register or renew a domain goes to this main company.

When transferring, a fee is paid to the company you are transferring to. At Bear CMS, this fee is the same as the domain renewal fee, but you also get a free domain renewal for another year, so you don't lose money.

After transferring your domain to Bear CMS, you will be able to manage it through your Bear CMS account.

To transfer your domain to Bear CMS:
  1. Contact the company you are currently paying to renew it and ask them to unlock it for transfer and give you the transfer code.
  2. Contact us to prepare an order to pay. We will ask you for contact information that will identify you as the owner. We will also ask you for the transfer code.
  3. Once we receive your payment, we will send the transfer request.
  4. You will receive an email at the email address you provided in your previous contact information. You will also receive an email at the email address from the contact information you provided us (it may be the same email address). Once you open the links in both emails, the transfer will be confirmed and processed (usually within a few hours).

Don't own a domain?

See the advantages of owning a domain name and how to buy one via Bear CMS.