New addon: Source code element
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Great news for developers that like to share their code and create tutorials. Now you can easily publish just a line or the source code of a whole program using the new "Source code" element. All you have to do is paste the code and select its language. It will be colored automatically for a nice presentation.

Addon description:
This element adds support for displaying a program's source code beautifully (and colorfully). The currently supported languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Swift and many more.

You can install the source code element for free from your website's administrators menu.
Bear CMS highlights (August 2019)
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Another month has passed away and once again we would like to take the opportunity to highlight the Bear CMS improvements in the last 31 days.

The Bear CMS team has released a new addon/service. The Asset optimizer is available for free for Bear CMS Pro websites and automatically optimizes image resources (jpg, png and gif). This can significantly reduce download size and improve load times.

You can find an option in your website settings, that enables search engines to index it or not. If this option is turned on and a content change is made, a notification will be sent to Google and Bing. They will be encouraged to check the sitemap.xml file of your website and update their index.

Uploading a large number of files in the Image gallery element is now more reliable and not so demanding on your hosting environment. Before the files were uploaded at the same time (limited by the browser only) and now they are uploaded in a queue.
New addon: Asset optimizer
Bear CMS Blog
Great news - a new addon! It's available for free for Bear CMS Pro websites and automatically optimizes the image resources when requested. This can significantly improve load times and user experience.

Addon description:
Images are usually the biggest resource your website needs and with this addon, you can optimize them and make them load faster. The image quality is automatically selected and all metadata is stripped, decreasing significantly the download size and improving website loading times. When optimizing an image, a copy of the original file is securely sent to a service managed by the Bear CMS team. It's stored only while optimizations are running and then deleted. The service is available for free (for Bear CMS Pro) and provides 500MB of image optimizations each month.

You can install Asset optimizer for free (Bear CMS Pro required) from your website's administrators menu.
Bear CMS highlights (July 2019)
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One more month has passed away and we would like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the most interesting things around Bear CMS in the last 31 days.

A new addon named "Visitor stats" has been added to the addons library. Now you can easily track (privately and responsibly) and analyze visits to your websites.

The Universal theme (also an addon) now has 8 new styles. You can apply them in just a couple of clicks and modify them (change colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.) to achieve the unique look you desire.

We've posted an article explaining the security-related benefits of using Bear CMS. You can read it at 5 reasons why Bear CMS is more secure than your average CMS.

We've improved the content in the RSS feed of your website. Now the HTML code for your blog posts is much cleaner and that should improve how it's presented in the RSS readers.

You already can use Google Fonts for texts in your websites and now these fonts are loaded from your domain. This can improve load times and privacy for your visitors.

These were some of the most visible changes we've made in the last 31 days. There we also some bugfixes and minor tweaks. We hope you'll find them useful.
8 new styles for the Universal theme
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The Universal theme is a great alternative to Theme One (the theme that is installed by default on your websites). It provides a huge number of customization options that enable you to change colors, fonts, borders, shadows, backgrounds, etc. It's a great theme if you want to create a truly unique look for your website. And today we've added 8 new styles that can be used as a starting point towards creating that unique design you've imagined.

You've already seen that the content and the design parts are nicely separated in Bear CMS. This means that you can change themes and keep the content you've created, and providing different ready-made styles for each theme can help you launch your new website faster and give you the base for future customizations. We would like to encourage you to read our article about theme customizations and apply some.

The new styles are now being pushed to all websites running the standalone package.