Recent Bear CMS improvements (May 2019)
Let's see what's new about Bear CMS this month.

Improved client loading times.

One of the biggest reasons for a website to appear slow is when a large number of resources are required by the browser to render it. Since day 1 Bear CMS has done a good job optimizing resources and now we've made a major internal update that brings big improvements in this area. We've started using our own, custom built package manager for client code (JavaScript and CSS). Embedding and lazy loading client functionality are now effortless and reliable and that has enabled us to remove all external blocking JavaScript code.

Added support for comments in blog posts.

Publishing a blog post brings excitement and receiving feedback is thrilling. Now we've added the ability to enable comments for your blog post and gather feedback easier and faster. This option is enabled by default for new websites and can be enabled/disabled from the settings window.

UI improvements.

There are some small touches in the user profile settings screen and the image gallery windows. There is a nice animation and a new loading indicator when opening a modal. The fields in the user form now look better. The image gallery has new arrows.

The SEO fields in the pages form and the blog post settings are now collapsed by default. Rarely used fields in some elements (embed, image, video) are also collapsed for a cleaner look.

Favicon optimizations.

Previously an icon request returned a redirect to the image file (that had a cache header with big max-age). Now the cache header is moved to the icon request (with lower max-age) and the image content is returned instead of the redirect URL. This improves performance and can save a lot of requests.


All of these improvements are now being pushed to websites running the standalone package and available for others to download.
Bear CMS for developers
Bear CMS is perfect for your clients and friends, but if you have some PHP skills you can take your Bear CMS websites to the next level.

Today we'd like to point your attention to three support articles we've published recently:
  1. Make a theme will show you how to create your own themes.
  2. Access the data presents the Data API you can use to access the pages, blog posts, settings, etc. created by the site administrators.
  3. Use custom elements can help you define a custom presentation while making the content editable from the UI.

Developing for Bear CMS is currently available only for the Bear Framework addon package. The standalone package (that supports auto updates) is currently not supported.

Happy coding, and feel free to contact us if you need help or more information.
Grow your website with addons
We know that no two websites are the same. Some are focused on presenting a business or person, others on news and interactions (comments and sharing). We know that we cannot build a great CMS that can handle all types of websites unless we provide some extensibility/configuration management. That is why we are so thrilled to show you the new addons support in Bear CMS.

Log into your website and you see a new button in the main menu (called Addons). Here you can browse the list of available addons. With one click you can install, disable or delete an addon. There is no need to upload files, manage dependencies and worry about addons compatibility (that is one of the benefits of a cloud-powered CMS). Currently, you can find some new elements and themes you can enable with a few clicks.

The mission of Bear CMS is to provide easy to use tools for managing your website and your clients' websites. We are focused on building a strong foundation and a simple core that you can use to start your next website, and now with addons your website can grow even more. We are working on a few other addons that will be available soon. If you have any addon ideas and improvements in general, feel free to contact us.
A brand new Bear CMS
Today is a big day! We are so excited to show you the new and much-improved version of Bear CMS.

We launched Bear CMS (version 1) about three years ago, and we have learned a lot in that time. We have found some new ways to implement our original vision (we want to enable you to build awesome websites by proving you modern and powerful tools), and we are thrilled with the results we have accomplished.

Here are the key characteristics of the new Bear CMS that we are most excited about:
1. All of your website's data is hosted on your servers
2. Improved and simplified UI
3. A free Bear CMS edition for developers and personal use

We believe these improvements will make Bear CMS a go-to choice for enthusiasts, developers, designers, freelancers, and agencies to create professional websites for their clients and themselves.

The old version (version 1) is still available and supported and your current websites will continue to work as before. You can find it at

You can learn more about the new version at