Add a search box to your website
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A new element is available for your Bear CMS powered websites. You can now add a search box and improve your visitors' experience.

Addon description:
Add search functionality to your website with this addon. You will be able to add a search box element in the content zones of your website. Every change you make will be visible in the search results in a couple of minutes.

You can install the search box addon for free (Bear CMS Pro required) from your website's administrator's menu.
Bear CMS highlights (November 2019)
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We say goodbye to November and turn our attention to the last month of the year. But before jumping into the holiday season we would like to highlight the most interesting things around Bear CMS in the last 30 days.

Just 2 weeks ago we added support for websites with multiple languages. Now you can easily add second (or third, fourth, etc.) language to your website and adapt the header, the main navigation and the footer to match. You will be able to add independent elements in these content zones.

The Universal theme now has 3 new styles, that are specifically made for mobile content. Mobile browsing is the majority these days and we would like to point your attention to this aspect of your website.

The Audits tool now reports pages with short titles (less than 50 characters). Google (as the most popular search engine) automatically optimizes such titles in the search results, but we think you can do this better.

The forum posts pages now have automatically generated meta description tags. That good when they are listed in the search results and you will not see warnings about this in the audits tools.

We've also made improvements to the browsing performance of your websites. Website speed has a big impact on the user experience and we take this very responsibly. But there are cases when the content or the theme customizations can have a negative impact on the website speed. There is a tool called PageSpeed Insights (run by Google) that can give you some useful information and speed improvement ideas.
3 new mobile-optimized theme styles
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These days mobile visitors are a majority and making your website fast and readable on slow networks and small screens is a top priority. So today we bring 3 new styles to the popular Universal theme that are focused on clean look and minimalism. You can apply them with a few clicks and personalize them using the customization options provided (fonts, colors, images, etc.).

The theme update is being pushed to websites running the standalone package. It's available for others to download too.
Multi-language support is added
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There are more than 100 different languages used actively today. English, Chinese, and Spanish are some of the most popular and many people use them as the primary language to communicate online with their audiences. While a single language website is perfect for some people, many need a multi-language website to help them expand their client portfolio.

We are happy to announce that you can now easily create a website with multiple languages. You can add additional languages from the newly redesigned settings window.

Here is what will happen when you add a second language to your website (Spanish for example):

1. A new page will be automatically created. Its address will be and the content will be editable the same way as the other pages. All subpages are expected to contain only Spanish content.

2. The content zones that are visible on every page (main navigation, footer, etc.) will take into account different languages and provide adding different content.

3. A new language option will appear in the blog posts settings window. Another RSS feed will be created too.

Theme One (the default Bear CMS theme) now has a button to switch between the added languages. If you are using another theme (Universal, Focus, etc.) you can add links (using content elements) to enable language switching.

The new feature requires Bear CMS Pro and is being pushed to websites running the standalone package. It's available for others to download too.
Bear CMS highlights (October 2019)
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Once again, its this time of the month when we'll take the opportunity to highlight the most interesting things around Bear CMS in the last 31 days.

A new element
The Separator is the brand new element you can use to make the presentation of your content more clear. It supports three sized that can be customized to match the design of your website.

Duplicate a page
Now you can duplicate a page (including its subpages and content) easily. The new action is available from the pages list window.

Link title
The links in the Text element now support titles, that can contribute to your SEO efforts.

Better keywords
Bear CMS automatically generates keywords for each page and each blog post. We've made improvements in that area. You can also manually customize them from the page/blog post settings, but we recommend not to do so if you're not experienced with SEO.

Better stats
Some sources that have different domains (like,, etc.) are now grouped. Now you can easily analyze visits from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Internal link visits are now shown correctly and the last day data is now visible by default.

About content editing
We've published a blog post about Bear CMS's approach to content editing. You can learn how we provide intuitive content management on mobile and desktop.