Content management

Since you are the main driving force behind your site, our goal is to make managing its content as easy and convenient as possible for you. This will enable you to update it more often and you will be able to present the information in a more attractive way.

Let's take a look at the features.


Your site is made up of pages. It has a home page by default, and you can create an unlimited number of additional ones. We recommend that each page be focused on one specific topic. Navigation (at the top of the site) is also automatically created to help visitors navigate through the different pages.
Content management at Bear CMS


You can add elements to your pages. The most popular elements are Heading, Text, Image and Link. Elements can be moved, organized in columns, deleted, etc.

You can create new elements from the "+" button.
Content management at Bear CMS
You can modify already created elements by hovering over them.
Content management at Bear CMS
We also offer a rich collection of element combinations that can significantly speed up the creation of a new website.


A blog is a great way to post news, articles, or other up-to-date information. A special page is created for each article. Also, with the "Blog posts" element, you can show links to the latest posts in a location of your choice. When creating new posts, the most recent one will appear at the top.
Content management at Bear CMS


There are times when you want to share a document, an archive, etc. with your visitors. You've got a special screen where you can upload them. For each file, you will receive a preview address and a download address.


The auditing tool will help you analyze every page on your site for errors. You'll find very quickly pages with wrong or short title and broken links.

Edit on the go

One of the great advantages of Bear CMS is the ability to manage your site via your smartphone. Create pages and posts, add new elements, even when you're on the road or at the beach.
Content management at Bear CMS