Privacy policy

This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices of and users using our services.

Privacy policy for

This is a list of information about you that we receive, store and process:

1. Email address
A valid email address is required for creating and maintaining an account at It's used only for account access and as a way for us to send account-related information. We may retain and use your email address after account deletion to comply with our legal obligations or resolve disputes.

An email address is required when contacting us through our contact form. It's only used for sending you replies.

A valid email address is required when subscribing to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe anytime using the unsubscribe button found in any of the emails we've sent to you or by contacting us.

2. IP address
We receive your IP address when you visit and browse It's used only for security-related and legal purposes.

3. Billing information
A company or personal information is required for providing you with paid services. Such information is used only for processing your payments and accounting and legal purposes.

4. Cookies
A cookie is an information file that is stored on your device. Session cookies expire after you close your browser or earlier. Cookies we use:
- A session cookie to provide you access to your Bear CMS account.
- A cookie to remember your account access for 30+ days if you've selected this option on the login screen.

5. Browser information
This is a list of non-personal information (information that cannot identify you) that your browser may send to us, that we may store and process. It's only used to better understand usage, to protect, improve and optimize our services and it's never shared.
- Your browser may send information about the current page you're visiting on and the page that pointed you here. We store only the hostname of that referer page.
- Your browser may send a user agent string. It may contain information about the name of the operating system you are using, the browser name, and the version.
- Your browser may provide information about the browser window size and performance information (how quickly our website has loaded).

You, as an account owner have the following data protection rights (after identification):
- The right to request a copy of your personal data.
- The right to correct or request correction of any personal information you believe is inaccurate.
- The right to delete or request deletion of your personal data.
- The right to restrict and object the processing of your personal data.
- The right to request a transfer of your personal data to another organization, or directly to you, if possible.
Exercise any of the rights by contacting us through our contact form.

Websites hosted by us

The personal information published on your websites is stored by us solely to provide you with the hosting service. It is not shared with third parties and is not analyzed by us.

Self-hosted websites

All your website's data is stored on your servers.

While interacting with the administrators part of your website (powered by Bear CMS) some information will be sent to our servers. This information is not stored or shared. It is only used to provide you with the service requested. Some actions (but no personal data) will be tracked to optimize and improve the security of the service provided.

Domain registrations

The personal information provided during domain registration is transmitted to the respective domain registrar and is not stored by us. The provider processes the provided information only for purposes related to the registration and maintenance of the given domain.


Our service is responsible for sending emails related to accounts on your website (new account, lost password, etc.). The email addresses provided are used only for the specified purpose and are not stored or shared.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time, and all updates will be posted on this page.

Last change: August 18, 2022