As soon as you register (or log into your account later) you will be taken to your Bear CMS dashboards, which you can access at any time at

Here you will see:

Notifications list

In the upper right corner of this section are the settings, from where you can request copies by email or on your devices.

Your websites list and a Create new button

You can create an unlimited number of websites. In the block of each website you will find information about the current subscription plan for the website, a button to connect to your own domain and a button to delete the site (top right).

Your domains list

You can purchase a new domain or add if you already own one, which you can then connect to your website. In the upper right corner of the block of each domain there is a button to delete it.

Orders list

Here you will see all orders for subscription plans or domains that you have made. For those that have not been paid, you will see a button that will take you to the payment information you need, and for those that have already been paid, you will have the option to download an invoice (if requested and issued).

Account settings

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a button with which you can access your account settings (email and password) and log out of your Bear CMS account.