When we talk about website themes, we mean colors, fonts, background, sizes, layout, etc. Themes makes your content easy and enjoyable to browse. They help you achieve your website's goals.

You will notice there is a clear separation between the content and it's style in your website. You can focus on creating content that looks consistent, and if you decide to change your site's theme, the change will be quick and easy, with all elements automatically updated. You can of course specify individual styles for specific elements.


Each theme offers customization settings. They will help you specify colors, fonts, backgrounds, shadows, spacings, borders, sizes, etc. Every change you make is visible immediately, and when you're done you can publish your updated theme with a few clicks.
Themes at Bear CMS

Ready-made styles

Some themes, in addition to the default style, also offer a collection of ready-made styles. This means that with a few clicks, you can choose a new style and fine-tune it to match your brand.
Themes at Bear CMS


It is very important for a theme to be able to adapt to the screen size. It should display your site optimally on the small screen of a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop monitor, and even a TV.

All themes we offer support responsive design. While you work on the design or the content of your site, you can see how it will look on different screens.

Individual styles

By default, the appearance of each element is determined by the settings of the selected design, but you also have the option to specify an individual style for a specific element. If you use shared styles, you can easily customize multiple elements at once.

Theme Universal

Theme Universal is the most popular theme on Bear CMS and offers rich possibilities for personalization. You have more than 20 ready-made styles that are suitable for company and personal sites, hotel and restaurant sites, blogs and online stores.
Themes at Bear CMS

Theme One

Theme One is minimalist and aims to offer you a consistent look without any effort on your part. It focuses on the content of the site and is suitable for sites where images and text content predominate. It is suitable for personal sites, portfolios, CVs, blogs, small company sites and small online stores.
Themes at Bear CMS

Other themes

There are other themes available which you can see in the Appearance section of your site. You can review them and adjust your chosen theme before making it public to your visitors.
Themes at Bear CMS