Bear CMS highlights (July 2019)

July 31, 2019
Bear CMS highlights (July 2019)
One more month has passed away and we would like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the most interesting things around Bear CMS in the last 31 days.

A new addon named "Visitor stats" has been added to the addons library. Now you can easily track (privately and responsibly) and analyze visits to your websites.

The Universal theme (also an addon) now has 8 new styles. You can apply them in just a couple of clicks and modify them (change colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.) to achieve the unique look you desire.

We've posted an article explaining the security-related benefits of using Bear CMS. You can read it at 5 reasons why Bear CMS is more secure than your average CMS.

We've improved the content in the RSS feed of your website. Now the HTML code for your blog posts is much cleaner and that should improve how it's presented in the RSS readers.

You already can use Google Fonts for texts in your websites and now these fonts are loaded from your domain. This can improve load times and privacy for your visitors.

These were some of the most visible changes we've made in the last 31 days. There we also some bugfixes and minor tweaks. We hope you'll find them useful.