Bear CMS highlights (February 2020)

March 3, 2020
Bear CMS highlights (February 2020)
The last month was the shortest one in the year, but still, there are some things about Bear CMS worth highlighting. Let's take a look.

The blog post Let's talk about the fonts at Bear CMS is the place we've presented in detail this part of the CMS. Here you can preview the 13 standard fonts and the thousands more provided for free by Google Fonts.

There are 5 new ready-made styles added to the Universal theme. They are perfect for personal and portfolio websites, and wedding websites. Check them out and customize them to fit your needs.

Performance optimizations were applied across the board. The CMS itself got faster thanks to optimizations in the backend and improved resource caching. Your website rendering time is improved too. The improvements are most noticeable for websites with a lot of pages and images.

The Visitors stats addon now provides options for focusing on the current day and the day before. This will make analyzing your ad campaigns easier.