8 new styles for the Universal theme

July 28, 2019
8 new styles for the Universal theme
The Universal theme is a great alternative to Theme One (the theme that is installed by default on your websites). It provides a huge number of customization options that enable you to change colors, fonts, borders, shadows, backgrounds, etc. It's a great theme if you want to create a truly unique look for your website. And today we've added 8 new styles that can be used as a starting point towards creating that unique design you've imagined.

You've already seen that the content and the design parts are nicely separated in Bear CMS. This means that you can change themes and keep the content you've created, and providing different ready-made styles for each theme can help you launch your new website faster and give you the base for future customizations. We would like to encourage you to read our article about theme customizations and apply some.

The new styles are now being pushed to all websites running the standalone package.