Bear CMS highlights (August 2019)

August 31, 2019
Bear CMS highlights (August 2019)
Another month has passed away and once again we would like to take the opportunity to highlight the Bear CMS improvements in the last 31 days.

The Bear CMS team has released a new addon/service. The Asset optimizer is available for free for Bear CMS Pro websites and automatically optimizes image resources (jpg, png and gif). This can significantly reduce download size and improve load times.

You can find an option in your website settings, that enables search engines to index it or not. If this option is turned on and a content change is made, a notification will be sent to Google and Bing. They will be encouraged to check the sitemap.xml file of your website and update their index.

Uploading a large number of files in the Image gallery element is now more reliable and not so demanding on your hosting environment. Before the files were uploaded at the same time (limited by the browser only) and now they are uploaded in a queue.