Bear CMS in 2023

December 29, 2023
Bear CMS in 2023
The past year was extremely successful for Bear CMS. We have added many new features and provided you with many new tools to present yourself and your business even better. We feel successful when you are successful and when more of you trust us for their online presence.

Let's recall the most interesting things around Bear CMS for the past year.

The structural elements Columns, Floating content and Container got new options for presenting content, that make it easier for you to adapt the site for different screen sizes (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). The Container element can now be a link, too.

We've added the ability to share element styles. The default look of each element is determined by the theme, and with individual or shared styles you can create elements that stand out.

We have updated the ready-made element combinations.

We have released the new and better subscription plans.

We’ve launched the Studio service where we can build a website for you.

We've added new ready-made styles for Theme One and Universal. You can now add optional elements in the Universal’s header.

You can now create animated effects using the new animations and transformations options.

Over the past month, we've added the Slider element, keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work, and many other small improvements.

We hope you’ve tried them.

We wish you a very successful new year!