Keyboard shortcuts and many more customization options

December 23, 2023
Keyboard shortcuts and many more customization options
Shortly before the holidays and shortly before we send our wishes to you, we would like to show you the latest updates in Bear CMS.

Now you can work even faster and achieve even better results.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you manage your website on a computer, the following keyboard shortcuts will certainly come in handy.

Shift + Q - Opens the main menu

Shift + E - Enable/Disable content editing
Shift + 1 - Original screen size
Shift + 2 - Phone screen size
Shift + 3 - Tablet screen size
Shift + 4 - Laptop screen size
Shift + 5 - Decrease screen size
Shift + 6 - Increase screen size

Shift + A - Opens the Create element menu. Hold Ctrl and click on the selected element type to automatically add it last on the page.

Ctrl + click on an item - Opens the edit window for the item
Ctrl + Shift + click on an item - Opens the item's style settings

When in the theme customizer:
Ctrl + Shift + click on an item - Opens the options of the selected item

Custom style settings for more elements

As of today, the Image gallery, Separator, HTML Code, Navigation, Blog posts, Comments, Search box and Share button all have the ability to individually customize.

Container settings for all elements

In every element's style settings, you'll find a new group of options that apply to the container that the element itself resides in. This gives even more possibilities for personalization.

Infinite loop in the slider

We recently introduced the new Slider element. From today, when opening the last slide, you can now give the option to continue "forward" to the first. This creates an infinite loop effect. Only works when there are more than 3 slides. You can find this option in the settings of the slider itself.

With these final improvements for the year, we hope to contribute at least a little to your holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas!
Happy and successful New Year!