Bear CMS highlights (June 2019)

July 1, 2019
Bear CMS highlights (June 2019)
June 2019 has passed and in this article, we would like to highlight the improvements we've made in the last 30 days.

Let's start with the biggest one. We've added support for uploading documents and other files that you can share with your visitors. In the announcement blog post you can learn the details.

Your websites now can have multiple different images for an icon. The icon is visible in the browser tab, when bookmarked, when saved to the home screen on mobile devices and when shared on social networks. Which one of the uploaded images will be shown in different contexts depends on the context dimensions and sizes of the images. We recommend uploading multiple images sized at 32x32, 128x128 and 600x600 pixels to cover all of the cases. You can do this in the Settings window of your websites.

A new "og:image" metatag has been added to improve the look of your pages when shared on Facebook and Twitter. The image shown here is taken from the page content. If no image is added then the website icon will be used.

The forum posts are now visible in the sitemap.xml file of your website. There is also a "show replies count" option in the "Forum posts" element. 

URLs in forum posts and comment are now automatically converted into links.

These were some of the most visible changes we've made in the last 30 days. There we also some bugfixes and minor tweaks. We hope you'll find them useful.