The Universal theme now has 21 ready-made styles

February 20, 2020
Today 5 new styles have been added to one of the most popular Bear CMS themes - Universal. You can easily apply them and customize the background images (we've discussed this in detail about a month ago), fonts, colors, etc.
The Universal theme now has 21 ready-made styles
This update is focused on:

Personal websites
This type of website usually contains only a few pages and their goal is to introduce you to your audience. A fullscreen background image of you is a great way to achieve good looks.

Wedding websites
The goal here is an introduction too. This time the focus is the wedding day and all things related. The website will be useful to a small audience and a few selected images can create the emotion you are looking for.

Photographers, artists, craftsmen can greatly benefit by creating their own portfolio website. High-quality images on the home page can create a lasting first impression. Publishing blog posts about the latest project can help build engagement.