Now available: Secret pages

May 31, 2020
Now available: Secret pages
Every page you create on your website can be either public (visible by everyone) or private (visible by you only). Public pages can be shared on social networks and they are indexable by the search engines. Private pages are useful when you're not quite ready with the content or you want to create something just for you.

Today we add a brand new option that gives you the ability to create secret pages. A secret page is accessible only by those who know its address. Such a page is secure as secure is its address. The page might be easy to guess, so we'd recommend something like Think of the address as a password, and of course, you can always change it.

This new option is available for the blog posts too. You can now easily share your drafts with a friend or a colleague for a second opinion before you click "Publish".

This update is being pushed to websites running the standalone package, and it's available for others to download too.