Bear CMS highlights (December 2019)

January 3, 2020
Bear CMS highlights (December 2019)
Happy New Year! We wish you a lot of happy moments into this new year, and the years ahead.

And now, we'll once again take the opportunity to highlight the most important things around Bear CMS in the last month.

Websites with a lot of text content now can take advantage of the new Search box element. Adding it to your website enables your visitors to easily find the information of interest. Every content change you make will be automatically indexed in just a couple of minutes.

Bloggers will love the new related blog posts feature. When enabled, the readers will see links to other posts after the current one they are reading. This way they may stay longer on your website and you'll have a greater chance to leave a strong first impression.

Thank you for the great years we've been together. We'll be glad to be by your side in 2020 too.