Related blog posts feature is now available

December 19, 2019
Related blog posts feature is now available
Today we are launching a small, but a very valuable update, for those of you who blog regularly.

Blog posts are a great way to build an audience and authority. In most cases, they are the pages that welcome the visitors to your website (they've clicked on a social network link or found your content in a search engine). These posts have the opportunity to create a strong first impression, and today we are going to talk about how we can improve on this experience.

Right after your blog post's content, the visitor will see the comments section. Below there will be links to other blog posts that can capture their attention and make them stay a bit longer on your website. This way you are getting a bigger chance of building a stronger connection.

This feature is automatically enabled for new Bear CMS powered websites. You can also enable it from your website's settings. To work properly you must specify a category for each blog post. The related posts shown will match the category of the current post.

This update is being pushed to websites running the standalone package, and it's available for others to download too.

Please, share your thoughts about this new feature in the comments below. There, you can also find more posts from our blog to read.