Choosing a client package

Currently, there are two available client packages that you can use to run a Bear CMS powered website. Let's compare them.

The recommended (standalone) package

If you want to quickly set up a website for another person, that will self-update, this is the package for you. They will have the ability to create an administrator account and manage the appearance and the content of the website. This is a perfect solution if you want to help someone with the domain and the hosting part of the website, but leave them the content part. This is also the solution if you have minimal or no technical knowledge but want a personal or small business website. Just ask your hosting provider to help you with the domain name configuration and uploading the Bear CMS installer (click here to download it).

- Easy installation
- Automatic updates

- No way to customize with code

The Bear Framework addon

This package is perfect for developers and agencies who want to set up and customize a website for their clients or themselves. A custom theme is one of the common modifications you can make using this solution. You can also create specific page content that can be easily edited later by the administrators. Installation instructions are available at GitHub.

- Can add custom code
- Can configure specific Bear CMS options

- No automatic updates

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