From this section you can add redirects to specific pages on your site or pages on other sites.
When the visitor opens, for example, https://{{site_domain}}/products/, they may be redirected to https://{{site_domain}}/store/. An important condition is that the specified path is not taken by a page, blog post, etc.
The redirect uses the "301 Moved Permanently" HTTP status, which informs the visitor's browser that the resource with the specified path has a new permanent address.
Here are some of the cases where redirects would be useful:
Old pages
Redirects are useful when you're updating your site's structure and want links to old pages to open the new pages.
We recommend creating such redirects to make it easier for search engines and visitors who clicked on links to old pages.
Shorter addresses
They are also useful when you want to create a short URL to share with your visitors. Example https://{{site_domain}}/amazon-laptop/ redirects to