The "Slider" element allows you to place different elements in different blocks (slides), with only one of them visible at a time. The slides can be changed by moving (horizontally or vertically) or by swapping (with fade animation).
Options you will see:
The available options are Horizontal, Vertical and Swap.
With this field you specify how quickly the next slide should be displayed. You can specify a numeric value in seconds and milliseconds. If you leave the field blank, the change will take place instantly.
If you want the slides to change automatically after a certain time, put a value in this field. If you leave the field blank, the slides will not change automatically.
Content alignment
Elements in each slide can be placed at the start, middle or end of the slide.
Allow swipe
Enables changing slides by touching the screen of mobile phones, tablets and other devices with touch screens.
When opening the last slide, it is possible to continue "forward" to the first one. This creates an infinite loop effect. Works only when there are more than 3 slides.