The "Image" element allows you to add different types of graphic elements such as images, pictures, graphics, etc.
Apart from the image itself, the remaining fields are:
The text in the Title box is visible when the mouse cursor is placed over the image.
Alternative text
The text here is useful for visitors who use a screen reader, because there may be an obstacle to see the picture. In addition, search engines (Google for example) use this text to better understand the content of the image.
We recommend that you put a short sentence that clearly describes what is seen in the image. Example: Homemade cookies with blueberry jam.
On click
You have the options:
- Show fullscreen
- Open page (URL)
- Do nothing
If you want to make the image a link, select the "Open page (URL)" option and fill in the address of the page you want to open. In general, it should start with "http://" or "https://".