HTML code

The "HTML Code" element allows you to insert HTML content into your website. Thus, you get maximum flexibility in formatting your content and the ability to integrate various web services.
In addition to the freedom that HTML code gives, it also creates risks for the correct visualization of the page in which it is added. It also creates risks for the visitors themselves. That is why we provide several levels of protection:
Validated only
This mode gives complete freedom, but also creates the greatest risks. The code you specify is added directly to the page. In some cases, this may lead to unpredictable results and website rendering problems. If this happens, you can temporarily disable this code while you make the necessary adjustments. To do so add ?disable-html-elements to the address of the current page.
No JavaScript and potentially malicious code
In this mode, the JavaScript code and the HTML tags script, embed, frame, iframe, form, input, object and textarea are removed. This mode is suitable when you want to add text, images or other elements whose purpose is purely visual.
Isolated from the page (sandboxed)
In this mode, the HTML code you added is placed in an iframe. This way, invalid or dangerous code cannot negatively affect the current page. We recommend this mode when adding code you don't trust (given to you by a third party, for example).
HTML code provides huge possibilities, but also requires specific knowledge. This is the reason why the Bear CMS team does not provide support for custom HTML code.