What is Bear CMS?

Bear CMS is a modern approach to creating and maintaining websites. The goal of the software/service is to enable enthusiasts, developers, designers, freelancers, and agencies to create professional websites for their clients and themselves.

Key characteristics

There are a few key Bear CMS characteristics that we think you will like a lot:
  • Your website is hosted on your server. This enables specific customizations and uniqueness.
  • You own your data. Your website's data is stored on your server. Bear CMS only helps you manage it.
  • A browser is all you need to manage your website data. Your server seamlessly connects to the Bear CMS cloud to provide the management tools when an administrator is logged in.

The software/service

Bear CMS is a combination of client software that runs on your server and a cloud service.

The client software is responsible for rendering your website pages for the visitors and adding content management support when an administrator is logged in. Automatic updates are available too so you do not have to worry about security updates and new features.

The Bear CMS cloud provides the CMS tools needed by the client. It is the invisible companion of your website that offloads your server from many of the critical tasks.

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