Requirements and installation

Bear CMS is a combination of client software that runs on your servers and a cloud service. Moving the CMS tools to the cloud minimizes your server requirements.

Your servers requirements

A web server running PHP 7.1+ is enough to run the Bear CMS client. The popular choices (and provided by most host companies) are Apache and NGINX.


A account is required for registering your website at our service.

5 steps to your new Bear CMS powered website

  1. Register at
  2. Create a new website. You will receive a secret key that will be requested when installing the client software.
  3. Download the client installer.
  4. Upload the client installer in your domain root directory. Then run it and enter the secret key from the previous step.
  5. After the installer completes, you will be redirected to a form to create your website's first administrator account.
That is it!

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