Access the data

Website administrators can easily modify website data using the Bear CMS UI and the developers can access this data to create unique experiences. Let's get familiar with the Data API.


Currently, there are two Bear CMS client packages. Writing code for Bear CMS requires running Bear CMS as Bear Framework addon. Click here to learn about this package.

The Data API


Get a list of all created pages.
$list = $app->bearCMS->data->pages->getList(); foreach ($list as $page) { echo $page->id; }

Blog posts

Get a list of all created blog posts.
$list = $app->bearCMS->data->blogPosts->getList(); foreach ($list as $blogPost) { echo $page->title; }


Get a list of all administrators (users).
$list = $app->bearCMS->data->users->getList(); foreach ($list as $user) { echo $page->id; }


Get information about the site settings.
$settings = $app->bearCMS->data->settings->get(); echo $settings->title;

Example code

A demo application is available at GitHub.
Almost every line in the source code is commented. We think this is the best way to get yourself familiar with the Data API.

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